5 Common Noises that Indicate Your AC Unit Needs to Be Repaired

It is the middle of the summer. Sweat is running down your back. You wish you had air conditioning that worked.

No matter what you do, it just will not give you the cold air that you really need in this heat. You try to use fans, and they make a bit of a difference, but not enough of one. You wonder how you can fix your air conditioning.

Your air conditioning is making funny noises. You are sweating simply from laying down in your living room and all you want in this world is for your air conditioning to work. There are ways to fix whatever issues you might be experiencing. It is important to ask for professional help in order to ensure that your air conditioning issues are remedied effectively.

1. Banging

If you hear a banging noise, this is probably a sign that there is a loose part in your compressor. This could mean that you need a new compressor. You should contact a professional immediately.

2. Clanking

The compressor could be loose. This could also mean that only one component of the compressor is loose. Another possibility is that the indoor and outdoor fan blades are out of balance. If you ignore this issue, it will only get worse. You should contact a professional immediately.

3. Gurgling

If you hear gurgling, this is probably related to a refrigerant leak. It could also mean that your condensate drain line trap is clogged. You should call a professional to address this issue.

Hiring professionals to address your air conditioning issues will save you valuable time and energy. It is always a good idea to allow the experts to take care of these issues because we know that you have other things to do, and we will solve the problem quickly and effectively. If you try to fix these issues yourself, you may have to compromise in ways that you do not feel comfortable with.

Having air conditioning that does not work is the worst, especially on hot summer days. No one wants that. We can help. You can contact us at https://www.legacyoneheating.net/.