Annual Maintenance Tips

Annual Maintenance Tips

Annual Maintenance is Important!

  • All manufacturers recommend annual maintenance on their equipment.
  • Safety First! Carbon Monoxide, Loose or shorted electrical wires and connections, pests, mold and mildew can all pose unnecessary risk to people, pets and property.
  • Your heating and cooling system is arguably one of the most expensive and critical components in your home and one you’ll “FEEL” the most when it’s not operating.
  • Service calls can be expensive. The average service repair cost is approximately $318.00.
  • The most energy efficient system will not perform as advertised if not maintained.
  • Catastrophic repairs can often be avoided.

DIY Maintenance Tips

  • Change your filter regularly.
    • 1″ Filters every 1-2 Months​*
    • 2″ Filters every 2-4 Months*
    • 4″ Filters every 6-9 Months​​*
  • Keep Supplies and Return registers throughout the home open and obstructed.
  • Annually rinse the outdoor condenser coil with a garden hose and remove any debris that are building on the unit.
  • Change your thermostat batteries at-least once every 12 months.

*Average filter change schedules – every home is different. It all depends on the type of filters, ductwork, furnace and locations of equipment. Older homes have more chances on filters filling up quicker than brand new homes.

Legacy One Heating also offers Quarterly, Bi-Annually, and Yearly Filter Services for both Residential and Commercial customers. We are happy to replace or clean your existing EAC filters when you are needing it!!

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