Air Duct damage can occur for many different reasons, mostly relating to general wear and tear. Regular maintenance and annual inspections can ensure that your air duct system is allowing maximum airflow throughout your home or commercial building.

You may need duct repair or modification if you see a recent spike in your energy bills, notice strange sounds coming from your HVAC unit, or have rooms that feel stuffy or have more dust than usual. Give us at Legacy One Heating and Air a call if any of these concerns are present in your home.

There are many benefits to ductwork modification and repair including better air quality throughout your home which can help those with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. You can also save money on your energy bill and adjust the temperature of your home faster if your duct system is performing to its full potential.

Remodeling your home? This is a perfect opportunity to renovate existing ductwork, ensure it is laid out properly, and is configured in the most efficient way. We offer custom ductwork to fit your remodel project, and maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. Call Legacy One Heating and Air to discuss your custom ductwork renovation.

Make ductwork inspection and repair an annual service for your home through Legacy One Heating and Air. Our expert technicians can identify the cause of any duct damage and plan for any modifications and repairs all within your budget.

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