Ductwork Modification In Mukilteo, WA

Duct-Work Modification in Mukilteo, Marysville, Everett, Bothell, WA and Surrounding Areas


Air Duct damage can occur over time for several reasons. Little to no maintenance, accidental physical damage, water damage, or creatures that have made their way inside the walls are just some of the possibilities. Inspecting them annually will ensure you don’t let too much time go by without knowing. When air escapes your ducts, and doesn’t make its way into your home, you’re wasting energy, money and over working your Heating & Air Conditioning system excessively.

Signs You May Need Air Duct Repair

When you feel like there isn’t a strong enough force of air or any air at all from your vents, it’s time for an inspection.

Recent spikes in your energy bills

Look at your utility bills. Do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from your heating and cooling system? Even though fuel and electrical costs may be high, when ductwork is leaking air, it only adds to an ever-increasing energy bill. Between high energy costs and your ducts spilling precious air that you’ve paid for into the great outdoors, your wallet is likely feeling the squeeze.

Noise coming from the HVAC unit

If your home’s heating or cooling system makes a lot of noise, the ductwork could be undersized. A licensed HVAC technician can test your system and recommend the proper size ductwork, if that is indeed the problem.

Stuffy rooms

Does your air feel stuffy? Are certain rooms difficult to cool? Leaking ducts could be spilling your costly cold air into the great outdoors. You may believe that the problem is simply your particular floor plan. The true culprit may be poor duct connections.

Dusty home

If your home has excessive amounts of dust, it could be a sign of leaky ducts. Leaks allow heated or cooled air to escape out of the ductwork, and dust and dirt to get in. This can damage your heating and cooling system, make your house difficult to clean, and even impact your family’s respiratory health.

Benefits of Having Air Duct Repaired

There are several benefits of having those leaky or inefficient air ducts repaired. These benefits include:

Improved Air Quality

Leaky air ducts tend to spray dust, pollen’s, and other contaminants in the air lowering your indoor air quality. Repairing those air ducts so that the ducts are air tight and more efficient will improve the overall air quality of your home.

Reduces Health Risk

Repairing your air ducts can actually reduce some health risk, especially for those people who have asthma, allergies and other breathing difficulties.

Can Save You Money

Leaky air ducts force you to use more energy in order to heat or cool your home. By repairing your air ducts you can save energy, which results in lower utility costs which may save hundreds of dollars over time.

More Comfortable Environment

Repairing your air ducts can allow your home to be easily heated and cooled making for a more comfortable environment for your family or employees.

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