Heater Not Working? Here’s How to Troubleshoot at Home

A cracked heater on the coolest day of winter is your worst nightmare. Do not suffer from a cold home. To keep your repair service bills reasonable, you may wish to try and solve the problem yourself before contacting a repair service.

Try These Tips Before Calling In The Professionals:

Before calling in the professionals to take a look at your heater, you should try the follow tips.

1. First, Make Sure That Your Thermostat Is On the “Heat” Mode.

In most cases, the thermostat is the culprit. Programmable thermostats can be difficult to use. Before assuming the furnace is at fault, check to see if your thermostat is set correctly.

2. Replace The Filter

In addition to being a primary cause of furnace problems, dirty and clogged filters can also result in high energy costs. Filters plugged including sand and trash can create the heat exchanger to overheat and shut down quickly. Additionally, this clogs the heat exchanger and reduces its efficiency.

After replacing the filter, the blower should start generating heat again. How to remove the filter can be found in your owner’s manual.

3. Ensure The Gas Is On

It is easy to forget about the gas valve, as it is easy to forget about the thermostat. Follow the gas line back to the meter from the furnace. Turn the handle parallel to the gas pipe if it is perpendicular.

Pilot lights are standard in older furnaces and . The pilot light on your stovetop should be lit if the front panel and burner cover is removed.

4. Remove Any Debris From The Chimney Exhaust Flue

Your chimney exhaust flue may be clogged with bird droppings or debris.

The temperature should be as low as possible with the furnace and thermostat turned off. Disassemble the duct and clean it. Once you have reassembled the sections, reassemble them in the same order and direction as you did before.

5. Make Sure Leaves And Debris are Removed From Exhaust Vents

Leaves or debris may block your furnace’s intake or exhaust if it vents out the side. Replace screen mesh with half-inch hardware cloth if pipes are covered with a screen mesh.

Ice may clog one of the pipes and cause a bigger problem. Please, get in feeling with us, and we’ll assist you. Schedule an appointment for HVAC service in Mukilteo, WA.

 6. Remove Any Accumulated Sludge From The Drain System.

Several gallons of water can drain away every day when your furnace is on during the heating season. A clogged drain line or mold growth will stop the furnace from working.

If it seems dirty, you should clean the drain hose by removing it and filling it with a bleach and water mixture. Make sure you flush it out after it sits for a few minutes.

7. Ensure There are No Obstructions In The Air Ducts

Your furnace is working in other rooms, but only one or two of your rooms are cold – check your ductwork to see if there are gaps between the sections or branches. Use metal duct tape to seal any gaps. Be careful not to use cloth duct tape since it may lead to leaks in ducts.

If your heater does not work, there are many things that you can do yourself to try and fix the problem.

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