Is An Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up Really Necessary?

Proper annual AC maintenance and tune-ups can be very helpful in maintaining the efficiency of your Air Conditioner. If you are from Marysville or Mukilteo, WA, you know how hot it can get in summers. Therefore, an annual check-up can help you detect problems at an early stage. However, if your air conditioner is working just fine, and you don’t feel the need for AC maintenance in Marysville, then it’s okay to skip AC tune-up for that year!  

Wondering if regular AC tune-ups are necessary?

Here are reasons why AC maintenance in Marysville can be beneficial

Regular maintenance saves money and time.

HVAC experts recommend annual Tune-ups and maintenance because they save your time and money and improve the efficiency of cooling systems. Quick annual checks can prevent over 50% of complex cooling problems. The small problems that homeowners tend to ignore aggravate and become bigger issues in the long run.

An AC repair due to breakdown will cost you more than an AC tune-up that is done regularly.  At the same time, it also reduces the possibility of sudden breakage. So, get your AC maintenance in Marysville done today!

Bad maintenance equals a void warranty.

Yes, you heard it right! Many Air Conditioners come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Some are for the replacement of the entire unit, while others are for specific parts. You need to adhere to certain terms and conditions while applying for repairs or replacements through a warranty. Many companies refuse to provide replacements for parts unless an HVAC technician regularly maintains your air conditioner! 

You can avail of AC Replacement in Marysville if you stick to regular maintenance and tune-ups! Facing a major breakdown in Mukilteo? Well, be quick and arrange for timely Air Conditioning repair in Mukilteo, WA!

Increases longevity and improves efficiency

A recent study revealed that the degradation rate of an AC is 5.2% per year. The causes can be – 

  • Dust collected in condenser and evaporator coils due to prolonged usage of AC.
  • A clog in the condensate drain results in leakages.
  • Lack of lubrication can cause friction and slow down the AC’s performance.
  • Airflow blockage in the blower can lead to inefficient cooling.

Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency and cooling performance of your air conditioner. Therefore, a regular tune-up will also save cost and improve performance in the long run. It is easy to schedule appointments with HVAC technicians, as everything is available online. You can avail of – 

  • AC Replacement in Marysville
  • AC Maintenance in Marysville
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Mukilteo, WA 
Keep your family healthy.

Proper maintenance eliminates the chances of sun stokes at home, as your AC can cool the surroundings efficiently. Cleaning or replacing the air filters can prevent indoor pollution and allergies. Therefore, annual maintenance will save your family and friends from unwanted allergies and pollution! Get your AC maintenance in Marysville without any delay!

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