Is It Worth It to Switch to a Variable-Speed HVAC System?

If you have ever used or experienced an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system which is not easily adjustable, then you must be aware of how annoying it feels to use the system’s interface. If you cannot modify the unit’s temperature as per your needs, then you might want to think about getting a new one installed.

The issue lies not with the system but with its type. Your system might be working at its maximum efficiency, but at the speed and temperature it’s producing air, such systems aren’t going to give you the comfort you would want in your home. In cases like these, even scheduling an Air conditioning repair in Mukilteo, WA would not be helpful.

A non-variable, fixed speed unit surely produces quality air, but if we cannot adjust it as per the outside weather, the investment might not be worth it. Which essentially means you have to switch to a variable-speed HVAC system. Now, searching for a variable speed HVAC service Mukilteo WA is not a big task. The point that should bother you is should you go for it? Isn’t it costly? And is it worth it? 

Well, these are obvious questions. To clear your doubts, below mentioned are some key points which set apart an adjustable and variable HVAC unit from a non-variable one. So, read on to get some pointers to help you make an informed decision.  

They are energy efficient

Saving on your electricity bill is something that no one would say no to. To make that happen, you need energy-efficient devices. With a variable speed HVAC, you can get one such energy-efficient device saving you on electricity bills. Unlike the single-speed static HVAC, the variable systems don’t work on full energy. You can always adjust based on your needs and save energy, which comes with working on top speed. Thus switching to variable means savings on your bills.

They are less humid

The variable-speed HVAC systems remove the excess humidity from the internal environment without wasting much energy.

They improve the air quality

Since such a system works at variable speeds (which is less than the usual top speed) the system maintains better air quality by removing pollutants effectively. Apart from saving on the energy, you get to add to the air quality you breathe in. 

They are less noisy

Most of the variable speed HVAC systems provide silent operation. This means that you won’t face the noisy operations that come when a machine works at full throttle. With a change in the speed of the system, you can experience noiselessness and can feel comfortable.  


Having discussed various advantages of the variable HVAC system, we hope you now have got the answer to the question that we began with, that is, “Is it worth it to switch to a variable-speed HVAC unit?: A variable-speed HVAC, as we have seen, is unarguably better than the fixed one in many ways. Now, the next logical step is to act and buy the unit.

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