Reasons Behind Cold Air From My Furnace

After entering our homes, from chilly weather outside, the last thing we want to know is that our furnace is not working. It blows cold air instead of hot, which makes things even worse. If you face any such issue, it is best to call a furnace service in Marysville, WA

We Have Listed the Common Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air.

It will help you resolve your problem at the earliest, preventing you from further damages. 

  • Problem With Your Thermostat

Before you do anything, take a look at the thermostat of your furnace. The problem exists with your thermostat and not your furnace most of the time. Make sure that the thermostat is installed at the apt location in the room. 

Then check if the thermostat is set on ‘auto’ mode. There are chances that the thermostat was on the ‘on.’ In this mode, the fans keep working all the time, irrespective of the heating cycle. As a result, the air blown into your room remains cold. Turn it back on the ‘auto’ mode, and you shall be set. 

If the thermostat you have purchased is not per your room’s size, that might also be a problem. To ensure that the size of the thermostat is right for your room, contact a technician that provides heating installation service in Marysville

  • Issues with Your Pilot Light 

If you have an earlier furnace design, you will notice a pilot light system. These are the flames that run all the time and are essential to light the burners of your furnace. If the pilot light goes off, that also can result in cold air. In this case, you can try to light them up again, and your problem shall be solved. 

  • Inadequate Gas Supply

If the problem isn’t solved, and even after lighting the pilot light, it goes off, again and again, there might be an inadequate gas supply. Under such circumstances, it is best to look for a reliable technician for heating installation and services in Marysville

  • Overheating Of the Burners

On overheating, the burner shuts them down, and as a result, cold air is blown by your furnace. One of the reasons behind overheating your burner is that your furnace filters are dirty. If your furnace air filter is clogged with dust, dirt, soot, etc., it will restrict the airflow. As a result, the furnace burners will have to work harder for a longer time to bring your room to the desired temperature. This often leads to their overheating and eventually shutting down. Therefore, you shall clean the filters regularly and change them at least once every year. 

  • Damaged ducts

There is an opening that your furnace is working alright. However, there may be some leakage or opening in the ducts of your furnace. This can result in escaping heated air, and as a result, you will be getting cold air from the vents. In such cases, you shall call for furnace service at Marysville, Wa, and get these ducts sealed. 

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