What Prepares Installation of a Central Heating System Require?

Inner healing methods are the go-to heating systems for most households for the simple reason that a single centralized unit can provide heating to the entire home instead of depending on separate heating units in each room. 

However, establishing a primary heating system can be elaborate and intense. So you want to be aware of all the steps involved in the installation process and what to anticipate forward the way before you install one for the first time or convert your existing heating system into a centralized one.

What does Installing a Central Heating System Involve?

Central heating systems consist of a furnace, a duct system, and a heat exchanger. When air passes over the heat exchanger, the furnace heats it and forces it through the ducts, which takes the heated air to the house’s different rooms. Thus, the ducts need to be installed within house walls where heating is needed, in addition to the gas furnace––quite an intense process! 

Wondering what exactly installing a central heating system involves? We have you covered––here is a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Picking the right components: Picking the right components for your heating system is essential to increase the efficiency and longevity of your system. Gas furnaces are a popular choice, but boilers, air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and electric heating systems are some of the other choices available. 

You can consult your local HVAC expert if you need help picking the right fit based on your home and family’s needs. They can help you select one that is the right size and according to your space so that you get maximum heating and avoid high heating bills.

  • Scheduling an appointment for the installation: Once you have finalized your choice of heating system, you can schedule an appointment with the HVAC repair Mukilteo, WA, professional crew to have your furnace correctly installed. They can also determine how the ductwork will be laid.
  • Installing the ductwork: The first things that need to be installed are the ducts. Ducts are pipes that allow air to pass through. They are connected and taped onto supports to make up a network within the walls. Ducts open up to vents through which heated air flows into the rooms and provides heating. 

Installing ductwork is the most challenging part of the installation, and it usually takes between one and two days. A good HVAC service will be sure to select a high-quality, durable duct material to prevent potential leaks from the ducts (which can increase your heating bill!).

  • Connecting the furnace: The next step is to install the furnace, which usually goes into your home’s basement or a storage closet. It will also need to be linked up to the gas and electrical wiring of the home. If gas or electricals are not already installed, they will need to be installed first.
  • Checking, cleaning up and turning on: Once all the parts are successfully installed, the crew will check the whole setup to make sure there are no mistakes in the installation. Finally, they will finish cleaning everything up and switching on the furnace. And you’re suited!

The success of a central heating system installation depends on a good and experienced HVAC technician. Legacy One Heating is known for its highly skilled HVAC experts, providing the best furnace service in Marysville, WATo book an appointment, call us on our 24/7 helpline (425) 374-7052 or send us an email at office@legacyoneheating.net.