Why is My A/C Running Constantly?

Air Conditioners are the sole appliance most homeowners are dependent on during the hot summer months. It is commonly noticed that the AC is always running constantly during these hotter months. Due to its utilization, the AC unit can face wear and tear. It is advised to call and acknowledge the Air conditioning service in Mukilteo, WA, to understand the issue behind your AC unit running constantly.

Reasons Why Your AC Is Running Constantly

Air conditioning units are everyone’s best friend during the hot summer months. Some of the ideas why your air conditioning unit is running constantly are given below:

Dirty Coils

If the surroundings of the outdoor unit are not cleaned properly, there are chances that dirt, dust, and other fallen things can enter into the system. This obstructs the airflow, and your AC unit will run constantly to achieve the desired level of coolness. This causes extra pressure on the unit, rising to hiked electricity bills and higher wear and tear. 

Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat is broken, it won’t register the temperature of the surrounding areas. This is the reason why your AC is probably running constantly. Check your thermostat, and in case it is not working get it replaced immediately. 

Your AC System Needs Servicing

Like any other electrical appliance, your air conditioning units require regular servicing to run smoothly without facing frequent repairs. Schedule frequent servicing for your AC units before the summer season hits off to ensure you don’t encounter such problems. Some signs that indicate that your system needs repair are insufficient airflow, poor air quality, clogged filters, dirty coils, etc. 

Clogged Air Filters

The major reason behind inefficient AC performance is the dirty air filters. When the air filters are clogged, this results in poor air quality and insufficient air supply. It is important to check the conditions of your filters and get them cleaned or replaced to prevent this from happening. 

Incorrect Installation

Installing the correct size and system is important to provide efficient cooling to your entire place. If you install a system that is too small for the room then your system will require longer hours to achieve the desired level of coolness and whereas, if you install a larger AC system, your unit will start experiencing shorter cycles. Both of these situations will lead to wear and tear, and your system will encounter repairs soon. Thus, take the advice of experts for Air Conditioning Installation in Marysville, WA, before you install a new system.

It’s Time To Get Your AC Replaced

If your air conditioner has been in use for more than a decade, its performance may be deteriorating as a result of its age. Like all electrical appliances, your AC unit has a lifespan too. Consider replacing your AC unit with a new one for better efficiency and lower risks of damage. 

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