Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Of all the possible nuisances that your air conditioner can cause, leaking water is the most common. It definitely won’t be amusing to clean up all the mess the dripping water has caused. It is a clever thing to turn off your AC when you see that your AC is leaking! At this stage, one can’t be too sure if it’s water leaking. However, be calm; the chances of a refrigerant leak are very rare.

Water leaking from the air conditioner is a repercussion of an out-of-ordinary functioning. You must always keep the contact details of an air conditioning repair in Mukilteo, WA, in the event of any such situation. For you, it’s better that you know how AC forms water and the possible reasons for water leaks.

How does AC form water?

The evaporator coil of the AC cools warm air that gets blown on it. As a result of this, water droplets accumulate on the coil due to condensation. These droplets start to drip down, and water flows out of the condensate drain line, having an outlet out of the house. Going further, let’s get acquainted with the reasons for the water leak of an AC.

The drain pine is blocked!

The condensate drain pipe is the only way the water goes out of the system. Generally, an air conditioner produces 5-20 gallons of water every day. Hence, if it’s clogged, the water will flow back into the AC and eventually leak inside the room. The drain pipe can get blocked due to moulds, sludge, or even dust. Although various DIY steps are available, it’s a wise choice to let an HVAC service in Mukilteo, WA handle the matter.

The air filter is unclean!

If the air filter is dirty, the warm air does not reach the evaporator coil. It leads to overcooling of the coil, and it ultimately freezes. When this frozen evaporator coil starts to melt, the water will get collected in the drain pan. If the water is more than what the pan can accumulate, it finds a way to flow out in a leak.

The air filter generally has to be changed every 1-3 months. A professional HVAC service in Mukilteo, WA, can do this during routine maintenance.

An Old Air Conditioner!

An AC that’s 15-20 years old may have a rusted drain pipe. Since its function is to carry water out, the drainpipe is prone to damage over time. Such a damaged drain outlet can leak water through it. Therefore, call an air conditioner repair in Mukilteo, WA, to get it fixed.

The best way to prevent all the above possibilities is to perform routine maintenance from an HVAC service in Mukilteo, WA. All of these issues get detected earlier during the service and avoid major damage.

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