Why is Spring the Best Time for A/C Maintenance?

It is now that time of the year when nature is in its most ornamental mood. It’s as if things have started to replenish on their own. Trees start to show shades of green and are welcoming flowers. The grass makes its way from the ground, and days have turned brighter and sunny. Yes, it’s a pleasure of the spring before summer starts turning things a bit.

While nature is into its usual weather cycle, it is time for you to start preparing for the upcoming hot days. Of course, one would think of outdoor summer activities to enjoy. However, the air conditioner of the house is going to be of most use as well. Maintaining the air conditioner so that it meets your cooling requirements in Mukilteo can best be done now.

Read on to find out why spring is the best time for this and know about the best AC repair in Mukilteo, WA.

Test the Air Conditioner Before Summer!

The air conditioner in your house must have got good rest during the chilly winter. Also, the chances of using it during spring are scarce. Therefore, it’s better to check if everything is proper before you use it first in summer. Not using AC for a long time can cause the following:

  • Debris can build up around the AC compressor
  • Dust can accumulate on the AC filter
  • The motor may need lubrication

Hence, to take care of all this, consider scheduling an air conditioning service in Mukilteo, WA.

Increase energy efficiency!

The air conditioner will be on for maximum time during the summer. Non-maintenance will interfere with the AC’s performance. An uncleaned AC will most likely consume more power and result in high power usages. Moreover, you may need an urgent ac repair in Mukilteo, WA, if it’s forced to run in this condition. Annual maintenance in the summer season can help you save about 5-10% of the summer’s utility bills.

Avoid voiding the warranty!

If you are to claim ac repair in Mukilteo, WA, in the future under warranty, then maintenance is obligatory. The majority of the time, the warranty has a condition that AC maintenance is done at least once a year. Otherwise, the warranty of the system gets voided. Summer is the season when the requirement for AC repair is high. Hence, call an air conditioning service in Mukilteo, WA, for routine maintenance during spring.

Extend the lifespan of the Air Conditioner!

It is certainly not so affordable to invest in a new air conditioner. As a solution to this, we anticipate the existing equipment to run longer. It is also true that one day it will need replacement. Yet, routine maintenance is the key to increase the longevity of the Air Conditioner. Mull over an air conditioning service in Mukilteo, WA, for performing maintenance.

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