Why Is Your AC Leaking Water and How to Fix It

Be it a sweltering day or a freezing night, your HVAC system takes care of it all. These air conditioning systems are the ones that help us get through extreme weather. And, when they stumble upon a problem, we are reluctant to service it. This is where we go wrong. You need to understand that your AC units need regular tuning up – this way, they won’t face frequent repairs. You can contact an HVAC service in Mukilteo, WA, and hire a professional to tune up your unit.

Speaking of common issues, leakage or dripping of water from the air conditioner is one. Take a look at some of the reasons behind this problem and how to fix them.

Air leak

For its best state of operation, the air entering your AC should pass through the vent. When this doesn’t happen, leaks take place. It could be due to damaged inner parts. An air leak will automatically lead to water leakage.

You can run the basic troubleshooting and find the spot where the air is leaking. If you are unsure how to fix the leak, you can hire a technician from an AC repair in Mukilteo and have it fixed.

Filter Issues

A blocked or dirty air filter can cause dripping of water from your HVAC unit. As the clogged filter blocks the airflow, the air tends to freeze and accumulate. When you switch off your unit, the ice will melt and start to drip.

This issue can be expertly avoided by thoroughly cleaning your air filters regularly. If you feel that the life of the filter is over, you can also find a replacement.

Condenser Pump Issues

The function of the pump is to redirect water out of the HVAC system so that there is no leakage. When the condenser pump is damaged, its operation is hindered. It could also be due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pollutants.

Cleaning the condenser pump can solve these issues. In case of a broken pump, it is advised that you contact an expert from an HVAC repair in Mukilteo, WA, and have the component serviced.

Drain Blockage

The drain line takes the water out of your air conditioning system. When it is blocked or clogged with debris and mold, water starts seeping out and dripping. Keeping your drain line free of accumulation is the best solution for this problem.

Instead of contacting a professional for small services like these, you can book a regular tune-up with us and keep your HVAC system in excellent condition.

These are only a very few of the reasons that could cause water leakage from your HVAC system. A few others include faulty installation, leakage of the condenser coil, zero maintenance, and frozen evaporator coil.

With the best AC repair in Mukilteo, get your HVAC unit serviced and keep it running in perfect condition! For the best performance of your AC, contact Legacy One at (425) 374-7052 and book a tune-up. You can also mail us at LegacyOneHeating@gmail.com.